Presenting a cardboard MAP packaging concept: HALOPACK

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Awards for Packaging design

“Gouden Noot” jury verdict on HALOPACK:

A better product presentation and improved environmental performance are the key aspects of this generic innovation for the application of modified atmosphere in carton trays. In terms of durability HALOPACK® brings convenience
(People) with responsible packaging materials and food preservation trough gassing possibilities (Planet) and a packaging system which offers added value for the whole chain (Profit).

Reinventing Cardboard Packaging design

HALOPACK is the first fully gas-tight cardboard MAP packaging. An environmentally friendly packaging that is made airtight by a top seal. The shelf life is greatly prolonged thereby contributing to reducing food waste. HALOPACK is a cardboard packaging with a higher barrier than standard PP-PE or PET packaging. It extends shelf life of fresh foods substantially in combination with a ‘fresh’ perception towards consumers and saves costs in production, logistics and transport.

The benefits

Keeps foodstuff fresh!

HALOPACK® is designed to extend the shelf life of daily fresh food due to an optional extensive EVOH-barrier. By modifying the athmosphere of a cardboard packaging the optimal preservation conditions can be met, keeping products fresher and reducing food wastage.

Made from recycled sources

HALOPACK® is produced with renewable or even recycled cardboard, without sacrifying the quality of the foodstuff that will go in. No virgin sourced cardboard materials are required, due to the unique patented production process, minimising the impact the packaging has on the environment.

Thinks about the carbon

HALOPACK® delivers a significantly lower environmental footprint with less food and cardboard waste, up to 90% cutoff on transportation, optimal logisitic value and great low- to highcare handling.

Inline Production

The HALOPACK® cardboard packaging has a patented design that is fully sealable and has unique inline production possibilities that deliver even more benefits for transportation, logistics and conservation of the packed product resulting in further reducing food wastage.

Light is good

HALOPACK weighs less than standard packaging solutions, using the bare minimal  of resources for production. You can even tell your green-seeking customers: HALOPACK comes with great marketing possibilities without contaminating the
packed product.

Free of additives

HALOPACK does not use additives like PE-coatings, lime, adhesives or other additives during the production process. HALOPACK keeps your foodstuff clean and conserved at it’s optimum.

HALOPACK, a chain of innovations

HALOPACK is a widely applicable packaging innovation, which has been thought through from scratch through the whole chain. The HALOPACK cardboard packaging has a patented design that is fully sealable and has a unique inline production concept for optimal conservation of the packed product. Best of all, HALOPACK® is really easy to recycle.

With an easy peelable thin inner liner the HALOPACK can be split easily, leaving a flat and renewable cardboard that suits recycling requirements. Products like meat, fish en salads are nicely presented with an improved environmental performance in combination with the application of a protective atmosphere which extends shelf life. This is enabled through a technique and machine, patented by Packable, which laminates the packaging in 3D.

HALOPACK is all about creating value for consumers, enhancing the performance of the packed product, using the potential value, creating consumer momentum and generating new markets in a novel way.

Producing HALOPACK

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